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This is your department head speaking. Let's go over a few things:

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AUs. I love them. Tell me yours.

I think it was on this beautiful fic on LJ that someone said they loved the idea of no. 6 being doomed to always go wrong, just differently every time, but to be honest i prefer easy-to-deal (read: derpy modern settings) universes where i can comfortably explore characters' personalities, and uh, motives and that sort of things that make them themselves, just, y'know, somewhere else.

But uh, you can totally disagree with me if you w-want.

tagging is for people who know what they're doing
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Since it seems there's no simple answer to all of this, I thought I'd open the floor for some discussion: Mainly, how did currency/money/finances work in No.6/West Block?

No. 6 - are all residents of Chronos just pampered, given free homes, and told they don’t have to work anymore all in the hopes of grooming the young’ns to become naive drones serving the city? Did Karan have a job/any income while Shion was growing up? When they got kicked out, how did she afford the bakery in Lost Town? Did she have some savings, or did the city at least give her some kind of “severance” since they obviously weren’t as harsh as they could’ve been with her and Shion for harboring a fugitive. (that also makes me wonder if Shion ever had any further schooling, or does he sit there with the equivalent of a 6th-grade education? [which in No.6 may be like the equivalent of all compulsory education at present, but still])

West Block - so you’ve got your metal coins…but how did that work? Where was the mint? Who decided the value/rates? Was there some banking system? What about exchange with No.6? How did Fura and his ilk pay Rikiga when they came to sleep with Rikiga’s girls? Was there some way to change No.6 money for West Block money? Did Rikiga just accept payment in No. 6 currency and use other ways to smuggle things he wanted out of No.6 to spend that money?

I’m never like, 100% sure of the level of civilization and society in West Block… Rikiga mentions it used to be a more city-like place, so maybe some of these things were established in the past and have broken down now??
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So, uh, anyone feel like sharing personal fanon for the series? I've got one to offer: How Karan Decided On Shion's Name

So when I was watching the anime, I was really struck by the fact that the city kept flowers blooming constantly all year round, perfectly gardened and manicured and all that. I found it pretty creepy LOL. I was imagining, since Karan liked plants, that she finds it pretty creepy too. But then one day, while she's pregnant with Shion, she comes across this:

(Photo credit to domestich on Tumblr)

An aster growing right out of the pavement. Not in a flower bed where it should be, not even anywhere near any other asters. The image just sticks in her head because it's so different than what's become the norm for the city. She looks for it again the next morning when she walks by the area but of course it's already been mowed down by whatever robots take care of that shit. But she never forgets that surprising little flower.

And thus, Shion. XD
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So over on tumblr, I asked for thoughts on why anime!Shion was couched while everywhereelse!Shion is bed-with-Nezumied, and I thought I'd extend the conversation here :3

Was it just to avoid seeming 'too gay'? Can you think of a legit excuse for why Shion was on the couch and Nezumi in the bed? Conversely, was there any reason beyond warmth that they shared a bed in novel/manga canon?

Your thoughts, let me has them.

So Peeps

Feb. 20th, 2012 07:32 pm
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Apparently there are a lot of feels out there about the anime ending. How does everyone here feel about it? What was your personal experience with it? Were you baffled? Angry? Sad? Satisfied? FICCING VIOLENTLY?

(I will answer in comments)
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So I was advised by certain parties that this might be a topic best served on our lovely comm here!

Dat Nezumi's Real Name

Uh, anything and everything related to this topic? How attached is Nezumi to said real name? Why won't he give it up to anyone? Is there anyone alive who knows his real name? Under what circumstances will he ever tell Shion? Does he think of himself as 'Nezumi' in his own head at this point? He promised to tell Shion his name if he survived the larval eruption (beautiful stuff), so what happened to that?

Would it be something similar to the vaguely Asiatic flavors of the No.6 citizens' names, or something completely different?
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Our first topic of discussion was proposed by [personal profile] fencer_x over on tumblr:

dat world buildin’. No.6 is super technologically advanced but No.5 isn’t? Is there no data sharing? Timeline suggests they all abide by the Babylon Treaty to a point sooo?? Does no one else have a problem with No.6 or does no one else know?

I have wondered this, too! In the anime, No.6 seemed to have internet (wasn't Yoming a 'net reporter' or something along those lines) so one would think there's some worldwide communication. (Or at least the capability for it: No.6 might have a big firewall, a la PRC.) 

I think all the city-states are pretty insular (or at least self-sufficient), so it's probably a scenario where not all information is being shared with other city-states (like, you know, the part where No.6 is developing weaponry in direct violation of the Babylon Treaty). Who knows what else the Babylon Treaty stipulates apart from 'no warfare or weaponry'? Is there a clause for the prevention of dystopias??

Or you could take a super gritty, darkly realistic view of it and extrapolate from world politics: even when countries know there's shittiness going on outside their borders, the options for resolving the situation are limited and not always effective. But I would err more on the side of outright ignorance, given that No.6 has study abroad programs in partnership with other city-states* for its elite students. (*No.5 at least; maybe everyone else is sanctioning the hell out of No.6 and No.5 is the hold out.)
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Got a topic you wanna see discussed? A vague question you'd like to see hashed out?

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