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So over on tumblr, I asked for thoughts on why anime!Shion was couched while everywhereelse!Shion is bed-with-Nezumied, and I thought I'd extend the conversation here :3

Was it just to avoid seeming 'too gay'? Can you think of a legit excuse for why Shion was on the couch and Nezumi in the bed? Conversely, was there any reason beyond warmth that they shared a bed in novel/manga canon?

Your thoughts, let me has them.

So Peeps

Feb. 20th, 2012 07:32 pm
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Apparently there are a lot of feels out there about the anime ending. How does everyone here feel about it? What was your personal experience with it? Were you baffled? Angry? Sad? Satisfied? FICCING VIOLENTLY?

(I will answer in comments)