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Program: Masters in Doofusology at Dystopia University

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Name:Doofusology: A Community for No.6 Discussion
Location:West Block, No.6
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For all yr No.6 discussin' needs.
Hello and welcome to [community profile] doofusology, a comm for discussing No.6 [see wiki].


Somewhere along the line your admin started referring to Nezumi and Shion as 'doofuses in love' and it seems to have stuck. Hence, doofusology is the study of Nezumi and Shion and things relating to them/their doofusery/the fictional 'verse they inhabit.

What do you mean, 'discussing No.6'?

Exactly what it says on the box. :) Discussion topics/modes include: the world of No.6, character analysis/interpretation, meta in general, discussion of No.6's themes, comparing/contrasting critiquing the various media No.6 has appeared in, etc. If it makes you go 'hmm' or 'I wonder what everyone else made of this' or 'am I the only one who thinks this?' or 'hey, I'd like to look at that closer', it qualifies as discussion.

Please note that the tone of discussion here may fluctuate. Derails may happen, and they may be very silly. If you are looking for a discussion comm that is very serious about itself, this is not that discussion comm.


  • Be nice and have fun.

  • Assume good faith.

  • This community is a safe space. Offensive, marginalizing language or commentary will not be tolerated.

  • Please use trigger warnings or content notes at the beginning of comments or posts that may contain triggering or potentially troubling material. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and include the warning.

  • Crossposting and linking your posts (ie: to your personal DW or your personal LJ or your fanwork LJ/DW or to your DW that automatically crossposts to LJ in turn, etc) is totally allowed. Be aware, however, that some participants here may not have accounts at DW or LJ, and rely on anonymous commenting being enabled.

  • Leave a comment on this post (comments are screened) or PM the admin ([personal profile] stanza) if you experience any issues with the community or with its members/participants, or have any concerns/questions/comments about the community/its content.

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airheaded majesties, bees, cherry pie, cravat, crying havoc and letting slip the doofuses in love, doofuses in love, doofusology, elyurias, eve as nezumi's stage name, hamlet, inukashi, karan, karan is boss, lovingly working around nezumi's borkedness, mousykids and the derps who love them, nezumi, nezumi showing up to be a dick to inukashi, nezumi's eyes omg omg, nezumi's feminine wiles, nezumi/shion, nezushi, no. 6, no.6, not hating safu who is awesome, open windows, rikiga, safu, shion, shion's pretty shiny hair, terribad worldbuilding, the angry bee god of yr people, tsukiyo, using gender-neutral pronouns for inukashi, we built this city on genocide and creepiness, 再会を必ず
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