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Personal Fanon?

So, uh, anyone feel like sharing personal fanon for the series? I've got one to offer: How Karan Decided On Shion's Name

So when I was watching the anime, I was really struck by the fact that the city kept flowers blooming constantly all year round, perfectly gardened and manicured and all that. I found it pretty creepy LOL. I was imagining, since Karan liked plants, that she finds it pretty creepy too. But then one day, while she's pregnant with Shion, she comes across this:

(Photo credit to domestich on Tumblr)

An aster growing right out of the pavement. Not in a flower bed where it should be, not even anywhere near any other asters. The image just sticks in her head because it's so different than what's become the norm for the city. She looks for it again the next morning when she walks by the area but of course it's already been mowed down by whatever robots take care of that shit. But she never forgets that surprising little flower.

And thus, Shion. XD
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not enough chinhanding in the world

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This is now my headcanon. Well, it already was because, ahahaha, yeah, but I thought I'd just share that with uh... the world?

I love this idea though. Particularly of how things stick with Karan, little things. You can see from that where Shion gets it from.
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If i recall correctly, Karan said 'Shion' was chosen by her son's father...
"The only thing he left in her hands was her newborn baby. 'Shion' was a name that the man had given to his son. It was his last and only gift to her." (from chapter 9).

I've this idea in my mind that Eve was Nezumi's mother name...
the old woman who took him escaping from the burning forest knew her, but after escaping Mao's massacre, the woman started to treat Nezumi cruelly. I think she blamed him to be a burden incapable to provide for his own food, and maybe tried to send him begging on the streets. Nezumi, then, remained fascinated by some street performers, maybe they even asked him to make an appearance for a show/play (putting him a wig on), than when the old woman went searching for him, she found him in the play and seeing him with long hairs she called him Eve-sama (i image Nezumi's mother would be addressed with sama though her role of 'songstress'). And maybe Nezumi learned how to read from the street performers, since i don't think a 4 years old was already able to read and the old woman didn't seemed so prone to teaching him something at all....